Sunday, August 12, 2012

Android AOE Copper Coin Trick

Yes, you can get Multiple copper coins using this trick -

  1. Create a new account on same server.
  2. Login and complete the tasks to earn resources and upgrade city hall to lvl 5 to enable market.
  3. Now sell those resources in market to make money.
  4. Now goto your main account and sell some wood ( cheapest item) for a very high price like 1.96 ~ 1.99. Check the above screen shot for help.
  5. Now logout and again login in to new account and goto market.
  6. Go to that offer by clicking multiple next to find that offer from your old account and buy the wood.
  7. Check your old account now, you will have loads of cooper coins by now.
  8. You can keep doing this with multiple new accounts.

For any confusion or help ask in comments.